14th March 2019

Recommended Resources

There are many places to find the books below. We have chosen not to link them to a particular website. However, several good bookshops to check are:
ICM books
10 of Those
The Good Book Company

Books on Burnout

Prone to Wander
by Natalie Brand

By Shona & David Murray

Reset: Living a Grace-Paced Life in a Burnout Culture
By David Murray

Staying Fresh
By Paul Mallard

Zeal without Burnout
By Christopher Ash

Ministry Resources

Audio Bible app Bible.is

Faith in Kids

The Good Portion for Every Woman Series: 
Scripture (Keri Folmar) 
Doctrine of God (Rebecca Stark) 
Check these out at www.thegoodportionbooks.com

Image result for Reading the Bible in a Year read by David Suchet

Reading the Bible in a Year 
Read by David Suchet

Acts a Visual Guide
By Kevin Deyoung & Chris Ranson

The Church Planting Wife

The Church Planting Wife
By Christine Hoover

Some Good Reads

The Minister’s Wife: Privileges, Pressures & Pitfalls 
By Ann Benton and friends

But God … The gospel in two words  
by Tony Bennett

Enjoying God
By Tim Chester

Idols of a Mother’s Heart
By Christina Fox

Gender: A Conversation Guide for Parents and Pastors 
By Brian Seagraves & Hunter Leavine

Is this it? 
By Rachel Jones

Keep the Faith
By Martin Ayers

One with a Shepherd
By Mary Somerville

Women & God 
By Kathleen Nielson

The Plausibility Problem
By Ed Shaw

Where was God when that happened?
By Christopher Ash

Shopping for Time
By Carolyn Mahaney


Connie Keep – Life on the Journey Home

Linda Allcock – Head, Heart, Hands

Carolyn Lacey – Journey to a Better Country

Clare Doughty – Lilies of the field

Catherine Brooks – Mum in Zone One

Leader Connection – Revive Our Hearts